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About EQ

EQ Search Partners is an international Search company consisting of experienced consultants who focus on identifying and moving motivated managers and specialists in Denmark and internationally – often to very knowledge-intensive companies.

We are called EQ Search Partners because, in addition to the critical professional skills and experience, we value the emotional profile highly when assessing potential candidates, including what motivates the individual candidate. EQ = Emotionel Quotient.

In our opinion, it is crucial that the candidate’s behavior matches the company’s values and culture, and that they are highly motivated in relation to the upcoming role in a new company.


EQ Search Partners is part of the International Search Partners Association (ISPA), which is an international organization of experienced Search companies.

In the Nordic region, ISPA has offices in Oslo, Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen. We are over 100 experienced headhunters and cover 20 European countries.

We can coordinate and be the contact point for companies’ international recruitment tasks, where we use the local countries’ headhunters and researchers.


We offer two different services at EQ Search Partners….

Executive Search: Search takes place openly in the market, where our experienced headhunters contact the candidates directly, and sell, but never oversell, the position and the company.

Assessment: EQ Search Partners uses recognizede test tools in the form of Thomas International’s complete test package.

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EQ Search Partner’s experienced headhunters have solved more than + 500 search tasks for Danish and international companies at director, middle manager – and specialist level. In addition, we have experience in building Nordic organizations.

Client and candidate references are provided on request.