Executive Search

Search takes place openly in the market, where our experienced headhunters contact the candidates directly, and sell, but never oversell, the position and the company. In some cases, this search takes place anonymously, where the headhunter only informs potential candidates about the company’s name after they have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at a meeting. This typically happens in cases where the company wants to replace an undisclosed employee or does not want the outside world to know about the recruitment.

In our opinion, it is crucial that the candidate’s behavior fits the company’s values and code of conduct and that they are highly motivated to work in the new company.

This also means that EQ Search Partners has built up its search and screening process so that the candidates’ behavior and motivation are also uncovered in depth. In this connection, we use several recognized test tools, in-depth interviews, the candidate’s reflections on motivation, situation- and position-specific cases and reference reports.

EQ Search Partners also handles applications from advertised positions in cases where the company wants the positions to be advertised in parallel with our search in the market.


EQ Search Partners uses recognizede test tools in the form of Thomas International’s complete test package. Read more at

All our headhunters are certified in the use of the test tools and comply with the international psychological associations’ standard, which means, among other things, that all candidates are entitled to have feedback on tests performed.