About EQ

EQ Search Partners is an international Search company consisting of experienced consultants who focus on identifying and moving motivated managers and specialists in Denmark and internationally – often to very knowledge-intensive companies.

We are called EQ Search Partners because, in addition to the critical professional skills and experience, we value the emotional profile highly when assessing potential candidates, including what motivates the individual candidate.

EQ = Emotionel Quotient.

In our opinion, it is crucial that the candidate’s behavior matches the company’s values and culture, and that they are highly motivated in relation to the upcoming role in a new company.

This also means that EQ Search Partners has built up its search and screening process so that the candidates’ behavior and motivation are also uncovered in depth. In this connection, we use several recognized test tools, in-depth interviews, the candidate’s reflections and motivation, situation- and position-specific cases and reference reports.

Conducting an analysis of emotional intelligence, especially in managers, is a more holistic and pragmatic approach to understanding who will benefit the organization with the nuances and soft skills that Emotional Intelligence brings to the team.

Leaders who are more emotionally intelligent contribute to a safe and motivating work environment that is rewarding for optimizing results, productivity, and well-being in the organization. Ultimately, these characteristics help reduce employee turnover and elevate business goals within the organization.

"Motivated people create results and development in an organization"

A large part of our work successes is based on our skills, professional skills and experience, but another important success factor is how well we get along with, among other things, team members, managers, colleagues, suppliers, collaborators and customers. It is crucial that we as employees understand ourselves and how we act on others, just as we must be able to understand what is important to others, even if their personal profile may be very different from our own. We can apply this knowledge to achieve our common goals. Emotional intelligence is not about being nice or soft in our approach to others. It is about how we interact effectively with others to get the “job” done optimally, or to achieve the life we want, whether professional or private. Emotional intelligence is important in almost every area of organizations, but one could highlight areas where it is particularly relevant, such as leadership, team roles, project work, and all types of customer and collaborative relationships.


EQ Search Partners four core values are confidentiality empathy ambitious professionals

When we contact and bring potential candidates into a recruitment process, we are very aware that it is confidential. We have discreet meeting facilities and also use online meetings in this work. Furthermore, we never pass on information to our clients without the candidate’s prior consent. Overall, we comply with GDPR guidelines.

EQ Search Partners consultants have great understanding and empathy for the fact that a recruitment process is a process where it takes some time and empathy to get candidates to consider switching to another company. We respect that the candidates must be genuinely motivated for a change. We focus a lot on asking about the motivation for the change and sincerely want to get to know the candidate and the person.

EQ Search Partners is also ambitious on behalf of our clients and wants to find the right candidate with the right skills and experience as well as the right behavior and motivation to be able to create value and development for the company.

Finally, we are professional consultants with many years of experience who contact and take the dialogue with potential candidates. In addition, we follow proven processes just as all consultants are certified in the use of test tools.